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In the early 1960's and again in 1972, I commissioned an artist here in Los Angeles to create two oil paintings of Elvis Presley. Both were taken from his album covers, "50 Million Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong" and "Live At Madison Square Garden." Then in 1973, during my employment as a Los Angeles police officer working Hollywood Division, I took the two paintings to Elvis' home on Monovale Drive in West Los Angeles in hopes of getting Elvis to sign both paintings. I was on duty at the time. Driving my black and white police car was my admission ticket through the large black gates at the entrance of his home.

Elvis was there but was sleeping. (It was about 11::00a.m.) I left the paintings with one of his security men and they assured me that they would get Elvis to sign each. Elvis' security man told me to come back in about a week. When I returned about a week later to retrieve my paintings, Elvis and his entourage were gone, but my luck was with me that day. The paintings had been signed by Elvis. I got an additional bonus, the housekeeper, Henrietta Gibson and Lisa Marie were also at the home. The housekeeper allowed me to take some pictures of Lisa standing next to my paintings and additional photos of her outside the house. She was really sweet posing for me. I think the two photos of her next to Elvis' favorite car, his Stutz Blackhawk, and the L.A. police car are classic and very collectable for the Elvis and Lisa Marie fans.

I have had these photos in a album and many people have suggested that I offer copies to the Elvis collector. So thats what we have here, 26 years later, copies of the photos are for sale to add to your collection of Elvis memorabilia. I still have the oil paintings and will probably sell them also. Each photo is $10.00. This will cover the cost of prints, packaging and shipping. The print size is 5X7. Choose the photo you want from the number from the upper left hand corner of the samples below. Shipping of your photos will be processed in the order in which they are received and when your check or money order has cleared the bank. Thank you.

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