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The Early Days


 Tim, the son of a Los Angeles Police Officer in the Hollywood Division and an A&M Records promotions director and fan club coordinator, is the eldest of three siblings and was raised in Southern California. He was born on July 18, 1969 in the San Fernando Valley, a rock's throw from the entertainment capital of the world "Hollywood."  

When Tim graduated from Chatsworth High school at the age of 17, he enlisted with the United States Marine Corps where he was in the heavy weapons of war and nuclear biological chemical warfare defense. Fresh out of school from the Marine Corps, Tim ac­cepted an offer to work for the offshore powerboat team "Goose­bumps," which competed in the Catalina ski race and special time trials. During his free time, Tim created and designed motors marketing materials and sponsorship acquisition proposals for various professional teams such as the "Original Sin" and Don and Phyllis Ermshars' "Illu­sion." Tim was also a volunteer crewmember and performed specialty work on several professional race teams like "Battlestar VI," "Hillbilly," "What a Tomato," and "Mission Possible." 

At the age of 14, Tim got his chance in professional racing while he worked for his mentor Tim Capaldi, a professional boat racer and an alcohol dragster series competitor. Young Tim worked at his uncle's glass shop during the summer and one day heard a supercharged drag boat engine come to life from across the street. Tim followed the source of this distinct and mysterious sound only to discover that it came from Capaldi's shop. Immediately upon learning this, Tim ea­gerly offered his services to Capaldi for free. Tim worked during the evenings on the drag boat after his daytime shift at the glass shop was completed. Unlike most enterprising boys, Tim decided to continue his work with Capaldi and never returned to the glass shop, much to his uncle's dismay. 


Tim far right, with Capaldi Racing in 1990's. Tim Capaldi in center.


With the fulfillment of one's own American Dream, the thrill of being a trailblazer and the adventures that result from one's experiences running through Tim's blood, it is no wonder that Tim has this insatiable desire to drive a professional Top Fuel dragster. At a very young age, Tim experienced the power, ex­citement and exhilaration associated with drag racing when his dad took him to the drag races during their family outings in the 1970's. These visually exciting experiences led Tim to conceive his dream of professionally driving a Top Fuel dragster. In the early 1980's, that dream evolved into a goal. Although he was not born with the legacy of racing or the per­sonal wealth to gain him easy entry in motorsports as

Tim in his early days of racing. 


Tim's helmet painted by Pete Santini

sports as most racers and their families possess, Tim's passion, resolve and dedication in fulfilling his dream demonstrate his ability to work hard as well as to face and overcome adversity in order to achieve his goal. 


Tim with Ray Capaldi 1991 and later in 2020 at Fire on the Mountain.
Bakersfield, California.

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