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Teflon Tuesday

Updated: Jul 3

Teflon by: Monty Davenport

Powder Coating by: Andrews Powder Coating

Got my original 14-71 Hi Helix Mooneyham Supercharger back and fully serviced from my friend Monty Davenport at Mad Dog Superchargers. Feels great to have another component back for final assembly on the Ice Cole.

Monty sure got the rotors nice and tight again and timed to perfection. New Teflon, seals and some extra attention to detail on the bottom of this unique Mooneyham. Looking forward to spinning her once again. Thank you Monty for all your great work, from the polishing and Dow coating and then back and forth with the special coatings at Andrews Powder Coating over this magnesium. You did awesome. Thank you.

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