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Happy New Year 2021!!

It’s Flat bottom Friday and figured I would start off the year right.

Photo sent to me from Shane Westerfield

What a Find!

Thank you Shane for the surprise find. Photo taken from November 1989 at Firebird Raceway outside of Phoenix Arizona with Mike Bell at the controls. This would be the last race with the World Record setting 10 Liter Arias before the shotgun Ford would be part of this boats history. Always love seeing new to me photos of the boat from its racing history. Hopefully this will be our year to get the final pieces done and be back out on the water again. Photographer credit unknown at this time.

What was the record with the Arias and how well did the Ford compare? - Ricky Tippett

Ice Cole's record was 158.73 mph with the Arias 10 liter. 154 mph with the Ford. Both similar ET at 6.90 full 1320 quarter mile. I think given more time developing and tweaking what was then very new and undocumented territory along with Bob Brownell’s creativity and Larry Saugstad the Ford would have been a mph monster. Interesting side note that Ford Hemi was also developed and casted by Nick Arias! -Tim Cooper

As with anything different combinations require different approaches. We always found that the prop/gear/overdrive/timing ect. were always vastly different than our BAE, Arias, Fontana ect competitors. I agree, would’ve been very interesting to see the refined product.

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